AB Tests

Without code or javascript snippets

Zero setup or site access

100% uptime guarantee

Forever free plan

get unlimited free tests

Login with Google Analytics. Your data is not saved or sold.

How does it work?

AB Testing consists in splitting your traffic between two different pages to find out which one converts better.

AbTest.io simplifies this process. It requires zero coding and no on site configuration.
You only need access to Google Analytics.

We take care of splitting users, tracking conversions and everything else. You just need to select the two pages.

Step 1

Connect using your Google Analytics Account

We won't store any Google Analytics data.

Step 2

Choose 2 pages from your account

Select the two variants you want to test.

Step 3

Share your new abtest.xyz/abc unique url

We take care of splitting your users between the two pages and everything else.

Step 4

Analyse different behaviour between the two pages

Analyse conversions as well as time on site, bounce rate & more.

Built for performance

Take advantage of our unique serverless architecture

We will split it and tag it in milliseconds

We are the only ones to offer a 100% uptime guarantee

We play nice with others

The only requirement is that you have a Google Analytics account.

(No matter what you use. It will work.)

forever free  0.00$

  • Abtest.XYZ domain
  • 5.000 Visits per month
  • Unlimited Tests
  • One Site
  • One Member

business  36.00$

  • Custom Domain
  • Unlimited Visits per month
  • Unlimited Tests
  • Two Sites
  • Five Members per site
  • Custom Domain URL Shortener

agency  79.00$

  • Custom Domain
  • Unlimited Visits
  • Unlimited Tests
  • Ten Sites
  • Five Members per site
  • Custom Domain URL Shortener
  • Retargeting Pixels support